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An article highlighting key points to be kept in mind by entrepreneurs while negotiating term sheets.

Amendments to the Employee Provident Fund Scheme, 1952: Idle EPF Account to Earn Interest

An article about private equity trends in India in 2016, including acquisition structures for private equity transactions, governance arrangements, taxation schemes, regulatory mechanisms amongst other topics.

An article highlighting legal regime around Chinese foreign investment in India, touching upon details about investment methods, restrictions imposed, approvals required, taxation schemes, local operation strategies and dispute resolution mechanisms amongst other topics.

An article detailing key legal and formal requirements to be complied with in the various stages of the entrepreneurship & fundraising journey, including setting up, raising capital, operational issues and exit strategies.

An analysis on recent regulatory changes governing foreign investment into limited liability partnerships.

The financial services sector is one of the most sought after sectors for foreign investment because of its strong potential for growth. Having said that, investors are also carefully looking at this space due to the regulatory uncertainty surrounding it. The Indian regulator has recently introduced important changes to the…

An analysis of recent changes in India’s ADR law.

An analysis of the Indian Government’s action plan to stimulate growth in the start-up world.

An analysis of the RBI’s implementation of the Government’s Start Up Action Plan.